We are about doing life together. We want to give everyone an opportunity to experience the ForgivenessLove, and Freedom that is found in Jesus. We believe that this journey should be shared with other believers.


Church for the Real World

The world we live in, is one that is constantly changing and it can be difficult to navigate. We want to shed some light on living as a disciple and answering the questions about life's tough decisions. 



We believe that the issues we are facing today; such as poverty, the lack of clean drinking water, child hunger, and human trafficking are issues that we are called to solve. We are called to be the light to others’ path. Since our God is holistic, He wants to restore the whole person; that is spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, and socially.


Discover & Empower

We desire to help you discover what God has created you to do, and then empower you to do it with everything you are. We know that not everyone is called to be a pastor, but maybe a business owner, teacher, baker, mechanic, App developer, or social worker etc. Whatever you are called to do, be a Lamp Post wherever you are.